October 22, 2019

Radon Testing Real Estate

If you’re in the market to purchase a home, you’re undoubtedly looking for location, curb appeal, square footage, and any number of other features. But don’t forget to consider radon. While a #radon test may be required, there are some things you need to know to understand what that test may reveal.

#1. You can’t see or smell radon. A test is the only way to know how much is in the air.

#2. Tests aren’t that expensive and should be done periodically, especially if you install a dewatering system or the earth has been disturbed in any way.

#3. While 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) is the EPA recommended level it is completely possible and recommended to get that number as low as possible. Any radon exposure carries risks.

#4. Radon-induced lung cancer in non-smokers is a real condition. Smokers with radon exposure are at even greater risk.

#5. Mitigation is less expensive, faster, and less invasive than you might think but not all mitigation is the same. Choose a reputable company that has a good record, even if it costs you a bit more. Plus, it gives you safe air to breathe and THAT is invaluable.

#6. You should have a post-mitigation test. Make sure the mitigation is actually bringing down your radon levels.

Happy Home Hunting! Let us know if we can help!