July 27, 2022

Radon Testing and Mitigation in Wisconsin


Radon testing allows a certified professional determine if your home has a safe level of radon in the air. Your home will have radon, as it is a naturally occurring element, but your home could be sitting on soil that is permeable, your water could have radon, and the air you breathe could be slowly making you sick. The radon levels in NE and SE Wisconsin are well above the national average, you might not have a lethal amount in the air, but it could still be dangerous. By installing a radon mitigation system you could protect your family from serious illness.

A radon mitigation system works by pulling radon from beneath your home, and expelling it into the air above with a fan and vent pipe. This process mitigates indoor radon and significantly reduces the levels of radon in your home. Radon mitigation systems protect your family, and add value to your home by eliminating the worry of future radon problems. Homes in Wisconsin, especially newer homes, are at a serious risk for high radon levels. If you live in newer home or live in an older home, now is the perfect time to consider radon testing. If you are building a new home, consider adding a radon mitigation system. You can eliminate a problem before it occurs, add value to your home, and keep your family healthy and safe.