Radon Mitigation

Professional mitigation of high radon levels is extremely effective and a proven method of reducing your radon exposure by up to 90%. Even homes with abnormally elevated readings (above 15 pCi/l) can be safely mitigated to acceptable levels (below 4pCi/l). The design of your home greatly affects how we fix the problem, but we will provide an outline for the basics of radon mitigation. Radon enters the living space after concentrating in the drain tile that runs below the foundation of the home. As this is the source of the overwhelming majority of your in home radon exposure (small amounts can be present in ground water), the most efficient form of mitigation involves exhausting this air outside the home and away from any potential inhalation. A PVC pipe installed into the foundation of the home and connected to the drain tile will provide the radon gas a way to bypass the living space. A fan installed in-line with the pipe will continually exhaust this air from the drain tile to the outside of the home (this is air from below the foundation, not air that you pay to heat or cool in the winter or summer).

I Have Tested my Home for Radon and the levels are High…

EPA recommends that you take actions to reduce your home’s indoor radon levels if your radon result is 4 pCi/l or higher. If elevated levels are found during the real estate transaction, the buyer and seller should discuss the timing and costs of radon reduction. The cost of making repairs to reduce radon levels depends on how your home was built and other factors. Most homes can be fixed for between $800-900. Contact us and we will be happy to come out and provide you with a detailed quote to properly mitigate your radon problem.