March 14, 2018

Fraudulent radon testing Green Bay and Appleton

Calibration and certification do matter. Would you let a mechanic work on your car if he wasn’t certified to do so? Most home inspectors are not certified and have no training to conduct a radon test. They also do not have to have there testers calibrated. A professional, certified, company has to have their monitors calibrated on an annual basis, and have proof of that calibration. The home devices are only meant for home owners so they can keep an eye on levels if they would like. Even though they are not approved for hire because of issues with accuracy. All monitors have serial numbers on them. The calibration report has to match up with the serial number for each individual monitor. Ask to see the serial number if you are hiring someone to test, and ask to see the current report from the calibration company for that serial number. Ask for there ID# for testing through the National Radon Proficiency Program. Ensure you are having an accurate test.