When Buying/Selling a Home, is Radon Testing Really Necessary?

What can affect a short term Radon Test? Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee

Several factors can influence your radon test results. Keep in mind, however, that although radon gas levels might vary somewhat from one day-to-day, it is unusual for the difference to be significant. If you doubt your test results, you might choose to retest yourself or hire a certified professional. Here are some suggestions to help ensure an accurate reading:

Time of year – Radon levels usually are highest during the heating season. If you are performing a long-term test, choose a time period that will span heating and non-heating seasons.

Test location – The EPA recommends testing for radon in the lowest livable level of your home, where radon levels usually are highest in the home.

Weather patterns – Do not conduct a short-term test during conditions that can influence the test results, such as stormy weather or very high winds.

Test interference – Do not move the test device or open doors and windows during the test, as these actions can result in understated radon levels.

Follow directions – Leave the test in place for the required time period, fill out all required information and mail the device to the laboratory immediately after completing the test.

Free Radon Testing Green Bay and Appleton

Today kicks off National Public Health Week. Did You Know – RADON KILLS 1 PERSON EVERY 25 MINUTES (21,000 people each year)! Test your home for Radon. Encourage friends & family to test their homes too.

Bad radon mitigation Green Bay

Beware of who you hire to put in a radon system. These people payed good money to have a radon system put in and now because they are selling we get the call from the listing agent asking us to fix the system because they do not meet EPA standards. The two pics are from two different jobs these week.

What is wrong with both systems?
1) Radon fan can not be located in the basement. Radon fan must be located outside of the home or above the living space in garage or attic.
2) Discharge pipe must be a least two feet above the tallest window, or 10 feet away from it.



how NOT to install a radon system Green Bay WI

We run into this more often than you think. A plumber tells a customer they can install a radon system for them without knowing how to do it. Few years later that same owner calls A-1 to fix the problem. In this case the fan was mounted horizontal which is a big no no. The fan must be vented vertically. This fan over time filled up with water and if you look close you can see the water inside froze and broke through the fan and began to leak in the attic and then into the home. When hiring a radon contractor make sure they are certified to install systems through the National Radon Proficiency Program.