Garage Vented Radon system installed Mequon.

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After her grandmother passed, VanSanten and her family looked for answers and were shocked at what they found. “We searched to understand what the cause was, and we found it was from radon poisoning, which was found in [her] basement.” According to the American Lung Association, radon, “a colorless, tasteless, orderless gas that can build up to dangerous levels inside buildings and homes,” is the second leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking).

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Radon system Garage vs Outside

Garage/attic vented Radon system. A lot of customers prefer the radon system ran through the garage vs the outside.
Here is why:
1) more aesthetically pleasing vs outside
2) radon fan can last 20% longer
3) easier to service or replace (fan normally lasts about 10 years)

When Buying/Selling a Home, is Radon Testing Really Necessary?